Broome Race Fields - 15/08/2017

RAIL: Rail is at the inside position.
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Willie Creek Pearls Hcp (C3) ($14,000) Good 4 1:42pm - 1435m - Class 3 Handicap (Apprentices Can Claim) 1st: $9,800 2nd: $2,660 3rd: $1,260 4th: $280
Silks No Horse A/S Br Form Jockey Trainer Weight Rating
1. Song Of War 5G 6 8467421799 Bonnie Palise (a3) Robert Gulberti 59.0 100
Comments: Well down the track here at latest. Each way appeal.
2. Two For Twenty Two 5G 3 730487x925 Ms C Pearce D & B Pearce 57.5 81
Comments: Right in the thick of it here last start. Rates highly.
3. Emjye 6G 4 x080713624 Ms S Altieri D L Casey 56.0 83
Comments: Far from disgraced here last outing. Right in this.
4. Gibraltar Rock 7G 1 8410427786 S Ridler G B Delane 54.0 96
Comments: Wasn't all that far away here last time out. Has claims.
5. Pickjam 6M 2 03525x0855 Casey Hunter (a1.5) J J Enright 54.0 64
Comments: Fair effort without threatening at latest. Worth some thought in this line-up.
6. Vital Lass 6M 5 09585x4743 Maddison Brown (a3) D R Pateman 54.0 79
Comments: On pace and boxed on to fill the minors here at latest. Must be considered.
TIPS: 2. Two For Twenty Two 6. Vital Lass 3. Emjye
Kas Helicopters (Bm64+) ($15,000) Good 4 2:20pm - 1600m - BM64+ Handicap (Apprentices Can Claim) 1st: $9,600 2nd: $3,000 3rd: $1,350 4th: $600 5th: $300 6th: $150
Silks No Horse A/S Br Form Jockey Trainer Weight Rating
1. Detection 8G 1 x270636324 Casey Hunter (a) D L Casey 59.5 83
Comments: Scratched.
2. Just Hoping 9G 5 5112x21743 Ms K Cross Dean Cocivera 58.0 73
Comments: Honest customer. No match for winner but kept on for the minor spoils at Port Hedland last start. Respect in this company.
3. Fathnoxious 7M 2 x751470884 P Hall D & B Pearce 57.0 100
Comments: Handy galloper. Failed to make an impression at latest. Among the chances here.
4. Ballidu Bomber 6G 4 31x5763561 Maddison Brown (a3) D R Pateman 55.0 79
Comments: Useful galloper. Gritty on-pace victory here last outing. Has had success at this track. Appears a danger.
5. Celebrakti 8G 3 2496512249 S Ridler Chris Pollard 55.0 82
Comments: Overall record fair. Proven performer over this trip. Up to this.
6. Super Hunter 7G 6 24767x3421 Ms C Pearce D & B Pearce 54.5 89
Comments: Determined on-pace win last outing. Suited over this distance. One of the major players.
TIPS: 6. Super Hunter 4. Ballidu Bomber 5. Celebrakti
Cable Beach Resort/Spa Hcp-C1 ($12,500) Good 4 3:00pm - 1200m - Class 1 Handicap (Apprentices Can Claim) 1st: $8,750 2nd: $2,375 3rd: $1,125 4th: $250
Silks No Horse A/S Br Form Jockey Trainer Weight Rating
1. Ocean Digger 5G 4 447x522133 Alan Kennedy Ms F Scott 59.0 92
Comments: On pace and fought on bravely to place here last time out. Free-running. Meeting easier opposition here. Key player.
2. Ayana 4M 7 2150x898 Ben Paterson A W Maley 57.0 78
Comments: Scratched.
3. Snitzerella 5M 1 9x254x4410 P Hall G B Delane 57.0 88
Comments: Freshened. On pace but weakened right out of it here at latest. Normally races well at this distance. Not the roughest.
4. Miss Slater 4M 5 x9360x4541 Maddison Brown (a3) Sue Olive 56.5 69
Comments: Strong on-pace victory last start. Usually prominent. This trip suits. Should be competitive.
5. Flying Freddie 4G 8 8x97 Ms K Cross B G Lucas 56.0 37
Comments: Let-up. Only plodded home at Derby last outing. Faces stronger opposition here. Faces a task.
6. Lothello 6G 6 457668x084 Casey Hunter (a1.5) R D Bell 56.0 73
Comments: Formerly with J L Lund. Gave good account at Port Hedland last time out. In the mix.
7. I'm Gunna 6M 3 16466x9564 TBA J J Enright 55.0 78
Comments: Scratched.
8. Scarlet's Web 4M 2 237x228335 Ms S Altieri D L Casey 54.0 100
Comments: On pacer. Not out of this.
TIPS: 1. Ocean Digger 7. I'm Gunna 6. Lothello
Carbine Club Classic (Bm58+) ($20,000) Good 4 3:35pm - 1300m - Open Handicap (Apprentices Can Claim) 1st: $12,800 2nd: $4,000 3rd: $1,800 4th: $800 5th: $400 6th: $200
Silks No Horse A/S Br Form Jockey Trainer Weight Rating
1. Goldbo 8M 1 7x30x51891 Maddison Brown (a3) J J Enright 59.5 81
Comments: Honest customer. Tough, tenacious on pace win at Port Hedland at latest. Has a good record over this trip. Genuine threat.
2. Blue Choisir 6M 8 7139x127x4 Alan Kennedy F H Maynard 56.5 40
Comments: Strips fitter. Was safely held here first-up. Worth some thought here.
3. Penthouse Pet 6M 2 218x752319 P Hall Ms F Scott 56.5 91
Comments: Showed pace but gave in easily here last start. Keep in mind.
4. Stormy Grace 7M 6 82582127x7 Ms C Pearce D & B Pearce 56.0 37
Comments: Ordinary here. Not fancied.
5. Diva No Doubt 5M 7 880x9x6174 S Ridler D L Casey 54.5 97
Comments: Latest only fair. In the mix.
6. Doshrike 5M 3 8772933382 Ms S Altieri D L Casey 54.0 88
Comments: Kept working to line here last outing. Can figure in this company.
7. Henny Shaker 8M 9 5056x34563 Bonnie Palise (a3) D R Pateman 54.0 76
Comments: Freshened. Can give this a shake.
8. Jenabel 4M 5 025186x836 Casey Hunter (a1.5) A W Maley 54.0 100
Comments: Prominent but found nothing when called upon here last time out. Include in multiples.
9. She's Savant 7M 4 2001242642 Ms K Cross R J Malpass 54.0 88
Comments: Place only.
TIPS: 1. Goldbo 6. Doshrike 7. Henny Shaker
Tabtouch Broome Sprint (Bm74+) ($50,000) Good 4 4:15pm - 1300m - BM74+ Handicap (Apprentices Cannot Claim) 1st: $32,000 2nd: $10,000 3rd: $4,500 4th: $2,000 5th: $1,000 6th: $500
Silks No Horse A/S Br Form Jockey Trainer Weight Rating
1. Roger The Roman 6G 5 32166x1111 Ben Paterson Robert Gulberti 61.0 86
Comments: Racing in top order. Dominant on-pace winner at latest. Pacy. Has raced well this track previously. Include among the better chances.
2. Action Again 10G 3 725x344891 TBA N J Dyer 60.0 88
Comments: Scratched.
3. Danaura 8G 4 6x54424112 Maddison Brown (a) Sue Olive 60.0 81
Comments: Racing well. Prominent and showed plenty of fight at Port Hedland last start. Front-running. Keep safe.
4. Your Excellency 9G 10 x111707x22 P Shiers Ms T Halter 60.0 74
Comments: Veteran galloper. Each way appeal.
5. Cherabin 5G 2 10x2221121 Ms S Altieri D L Casey 58.5 80
Comments: Holding form. Got the nod here last outing. Leads/handy. Loves this track/distance. Not the roughest.
6. Gracious Prospect 7G 1 77075x3326 TBA N J Dyer 57.0 99
Comments: Scratched.
7. Wise Decision 6G 6 x11228x312 Alan Kennedy D R Pateman 57.0 88
Comments: Freshened. Talented gelding. Solid on-pace performance here last outing. Free-running. Has had plenty of success around this circuit. Not out of this.
8. Arctic Song 7G 7 2675x41671 TBA N J Dyer 55.5 98
Comments: Scratched.
9. Aussie Jack 5G 8 3477223218 Ms K Cross Kym Healy 54.0 100
Comments: Not keen.
10. Lookatim Go 8G 9 31x0475333 S Ridler Chris Pollard 54.0 88
Comments: Previously trained by T N Pike. Seasoned campaigner. Looking elsewhere.
TIPS: 8. Arctic Song 1. Roger The Roman 2. Action Again
Broome Toyota (Bm58+) ($15,000) Good 4 4:55pm - 1100m - BM58+ Handicap (Apprentices Can Claim) 1st: $9,600 2nd: $3,000 3rd: $1,350 4th: $600 5th: $300 6th: $150
Silks No Horse A/S Br Form Jockey Trainer Weight Rating
1. Oneofus 8G 2 1x330x4654 Maddison Brown (a3) D R Pateman 61.0 69
Comments: Freshened. Couldn't show a turn of foot here. Boasts impressive stats over this track/distance. Outside chance for multiples.
2. Tirreno 6G 8 6x44211322 Casey Hunter (a1.5) S R Casey 60.0 81
Comments: Knocking on the door. Kept on determinedly to fill the minors here last time out. Right in this.
3. Rituals 5G 1 460x211731 P Hall G B Delane 59.0 83
Comments: Strong performer. Dug deep to salute at latest. Generally races well on this track. Rates highly.
4. Festive Excess 6G 6 7614685263 Alan Kennedy J Gangemi 58.0 100
Comments: Lacked a pick-up and only plugged to line here last start. Only a place chance.
5. Hashtag Lad 6G 7 896x312291 Ms M Hagley Dean Cocivera 58.0 78
Comments: Handy galloper. Narrowly prevailed at Port Hedland last outing. Usually prominent. Must be considered.
6. Jolly Boy 5G 9 4169761144 Ben Paterson Chris Pollard 57.0 85
Comments: Freshened. Ran home respectably here last outing. On pacer. Has claims.
7. Well Spoken Man 6G 4 Q436106133 Ms K Cross D R Pateman 57.0 94
Comments: Freshened. Worth some thought in this line-up.
8. Aperchoix 6G 3 16325x3687 TBA Robert Gulberti 55.0 92
Comments: Scratched.
9. Ha Long Bay 6G 5 79x5857670 TBA Chris Pollard 54.0 86
Comments: Scratched.
TIPS: 3. Rituals 2. Tirreno 5. Hashtag Lad
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