About Racerate and its founder – Peter Kaye

This site was first established in 1999 as a down to earth punters’ site without all the fake sales hype and pop ups, by its founder Peter Kaye. Here is a tribute to him.

December 9th, 8:45AM by Race Rate

This site was first established in 1999 as a down to earth punters’ site without all the fake sales hype and pop ups.

And no promises of “untold wealth from racing systems”, “never having to work again”, “drive a Porsche or a Rolls Royce”, “the secret system the bookies don’t want you to know about” or just “sit back and watch the money roll in while the form guide does the work”.

It’s all about horse racing and racing systems and information that has been collected, researched and written over a lot of years by Peter Kaye, the original owner and developer of Racerate.com, who had a love of the sport of horse racing, horse racing people and history, and the psychology of gambling.  Peter’s no-nonsense approach is reflected in the pages of this website.  He also developed and sold many popular betting systems, staking plans, daily tipping and ratings via this site for many years.

Now, Racerate.com has evolved into an informational, “encyclopaedic” resource for lovers of horse racing.  We hope you enjoy browsing the numerous articles and items of interest put together and written by Peter and we will endeavour to do Peter proud by maintaining and improving the site to assist more punters in the future.

Peter Kaye unexpectedly died on January 21, 2016 at the age of 64, leaving behind his wife Sally, children Tasha, Robert, and David and their partners, and grandchildren Sarah and Dylan.  He is sorely missed by all.

In the few conversations I had with Peter I found him to be an Aussie larrikin, he had a wicked and dry sense of humour, and he definitely didn’t try to take things too seriously.

Peter had a much varied work life, however horse racing and chatting to people about racing put a twinkle in his eye. It was his life-long interest and passion.

Peter Kaye was born in Brisbane 1951, and started his career as a radio announcer in Queensland at 4BH and 4MB. He was well known as breakfast announcer at 7EX and 7LA in Launceston in the 1970s to the late 1980s. He also worked as a news reader, weather presenter and talent show judge on local commercial television in Tasmania.  Peter spent time at 7HT Hobart, 2CA Canberra, 5DN and KAFM Adelaide, i98FM Wollongong, also working as a Program Director.  All up he enjoyed over 20 years as a broadcaster, retiring from radio in the mid-1990s.

When the family returned to Tasmania he took on the role of Liberal Party regional campaign organiser, working on the election campaigns for Liberal candidates in the electorates of Bass and Lyons in the lead up to the 1996 federal election.

He became media adviser to the newly-elected local Bass MP and Howard Government Minister Warwick Smith.

In 1997 the family moved to Brisbane to be closer to his mother and Peter continued as media adviser to senior Government Ministers including Senator Warwick Parer, Mal Brough and John Moore.  He also monitored local issues and prepared briefs for the Prime Minister’s office, and delivered media training to many federal politicians.

After the 2001 federal election, Peter left the role and he and Sally eventually returned to Tasmania in 2007.

Peter sat on the West Tamar Council for three years from 2011, however, he had a number of tilts running for Local Government and the Legislative Council in the 1980s and 1990s.

So it was that 17 years ago Peter started up his own Horse Racing website. He worked tirelessly and over the years would have conversed with thousands of site visitors both on email and the phone.  Talking endlessly about ways to beat the bookies.

So here in Peter’s words are his thoughts about the site and what he offered visitors:

In Peter’s words……

So what makes you blokes such experts?”

Well we’re not really and I would certainly never lay claim to that title!

This site stemmed from my love of racing and the good and honest genuine people that work in the industry – some of whom, from jockeys and trainers to race callers, have been life-long friends and people that I admire for their skills and their shared love of the game.

The site also started because I was sick of hearing about the white shoe brigade from the Gold Coast flogging off ridiculously priced computer based “ratings blockbuster programmes” that would make everyone rich and we’d all never have to work again (not to mention we’d all drive a Rolls Royce and be accompanied by stunning looking partners)!

I simply could not believe how many people fell in to these schemes AND STILL ARE! If you are one of them I am so sorry for you.

So we began the site many years ago with the idea of harnessing some collective knowledge and devising methodologies that actually did work in the long term – either by returning a small but attainable profit on turnover or certainly minimising losses on those INEVITABLE losing days.

Now I am not a big punter – in fact I am quite a small punter by most measures. I did give it a big go for a short while in the 80s with (to me) quite dramatic wins of large proportions only to be followed by even “more dramatic” losses. Of course (sighs). A bookmaker once said to me after the last in the Members Bar – “Peter, you’re a great punter. It’s such a shame you’re a shocking gambler.” Those words of wisdom keep ringing in my ears and keep me on the straight and narrow path of conservative gambling (which I do enjoy).

So over the years this site has tested and put together some interesting methodologies based on different angles of form analysis that may return you a small profit or loss, or, indeed on good days where the gambling gods smile upon you, very good profits.

I have become convinced over the years that the only result to really focus on is the year to year result – the ups and downs of daily punting are completely inconsequential to the overall yearly return. And in that year to year period, I firmly believe that as little as 30 to 40 bets will make the difference between a winning year and a losing year.

All the tested methodologies on this site are accompanied by betting workouts that took place in real time and are accurately and factually recorded. Now I keep repeating myself on this site I know, but this IS IMPORTANT. Had these test periods began a day earlier or a day later the whole results MUST have been different because a different series of chance and “randomness” would have been in play and they may or may not have achieved the same result or a better or worse result. There is NO WAY OF KNOWING.

“So why don’t you stick with the one system?”

Like a lot of things in life, I find the excitement is in the chase more than the prize. My passion is for developing and testing these methodologies, always looking I guess for the holy grail which I know deep in my heart does not exist (lol) but I keep trialling these things in the hope that one day that magic spark of genius will fall from the skies and tap me on the shoulder. Hey, different strokes for different folks – isn’t that what they say?

“So why don’t you just give these systems away?”

I have to eat as well! These all took time to develop and test (at the time of writing this we are currently trialling 4 different angles) and there is no point trialling them with pretend money because that is neither accurate nor fair.

But we DO distribute the methodologies at a price that is not stupid and at the very worst will simply get punters actually THINKING about how they arrive at the selections they do and what they are trying to achieve from their gambling.

At the end of the day, no one values anything that is nothing but I hope you will consider the next few lines as valuable because I believe they are:

Winning on a day out at the races is exciting!

Winning consistently at the races is time consuming, repetitive, tedious, stressful, and, at times, downright boring. Here is a formula you should commit to memory: E=R=L

It stands for: Excitement = Risk = Losing

Read that over to yourself a few times – it is the most valuable thing I can give you free and without obligation in the hope that it helps you in your punting endeavours. That formula was given to me by a very wise man who never graduated high school and was without doubt the smartest guy I have ever met.

“So your methods are the be all and end all?”

I would never suggest that is the case. If you are using a winning method, stick to it.

There are many methods by which it is possible to “turn a quid”. I simply test different ideas, TRY TO IMPROVE THEM and analyse and report on them.

Use what you wish and throw the rest away. If you love racing as much as I do it doesn’t really matter whether you win or lose – though I can assure you, winning is much more fun!


And to finish here is a very small selection of comments made by patrons to Racerate and Peter’s replies to them:

Your Feedback to Racerate.com

Your feedback about the information and systems on this site is important to us and important to others as well. We will post any constructive feedback on this page in an effort to improve the information available for the betterment of all.   If you would like to leave feedback for posting on this page please click here

F.A.Q……..WHY DON’T YOU PUT UP AS MUCH FEEDBACK AS YOU USED TO DO? Mainly because this page is getting way too large and unwieldy to load and manipulate with 9 years feedback already on it and it gets a bit repetitive when people just send congratulations and thanks all the time……………we do appreciate the kind comments but from here on in we’ll only post the odd one or two…………

From Barry – 11.1.16 – Speedrate………Just using the Speed Ratings to Dutch one winner a day. Going like a house on fire at the moment. Selections are great for dutching as they seem to get those longer priced winners
(Ed: Yes the better price range is a plus compared to weight based ratings which have been over crunched and regurgitated by everyone with a computer over the years – and, if you have been on this site over the last sixteen years you will be aware that I think the staking is far more important than the selection)

From Garry – 6.1.16 – stats – I have devised a simple method from your “racing statistics” information. In the first week have netted a box trifecta @ $738. Plus two single quinellas @ $45 & $38. Also Nouvelle Again was a single selection @ $36. Thanks again for the detailed racing info for us computer novices. Cheers. Garry.
(Ed: Hey great news Garry. By my rough calculations that puts you about $800 up for the year. Retiring from the punt now and take up silver stacking may be a good option at this point :-))

From Dane – 5.1.16 – gambling – ………..my boss gave me the flick before Christmas so I have spent the last couple of weeks studying what you do with the races. I intend now not working at all and gambling my way along for a while and show my old boss he can shove his job. Exactly which of your plans do you think I would be successful with a bank of $5000?
(Ed: Goodness me, have you ever heard louder alarm bells? Dane, let me tell you. Your old boss will have already forgotten your name so if your motivation is to prove something to him, you have already lost because he couldn’t give a stuff what you are doing. Allow me also to suggest that you’ll be broke by Easter, maybe Australia Day, and where you are mentally at the moment is probably not where you need to be to calmly and rationally operate a staking plan that calls for control and caution and discipline. Your best bet would be to forget sites like this, get another job and save yourself the dramas of financially climbing out of the economic black hole you are currently seeking to throw yourself in to.)

From Robert – 22.12.15 (Whole Box & Dice) ………..). I happed upon your site when looking for statistical data and found a whole world of interesting and vital information I would not have been able to assemble in a life time.
(Ed: As happenstance would have it, that’s about how long it took – lol)

From Paul – 12.8.14……..I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your web site and your articles. A lot of them have hit home for me and it’s time to change my betting habits……….. am really looking forward to getting some control and discipline in my punting and thinking about things in the long term. I look forward to the coming months….
(Ed: As you should. Without doubt, discipline in your investment is the key to the whole deal. Without it you are lost…….as will be your bank. There is a great satisfaction at the end of each punting day, congratulating yourself for your mental strength and control…….probably far more than picking the ones to invest on or whether you finished in front on that particular day. That may sound a little strange, but that’s the way it is.)

From Bernie 8.1.2013 (fun stuff)…….Just a note to thank you for your great site and your speedy service re my small subs, also your (grand) mother could have been a genius. See I read your life story the other day and saw that your (grand) mother, God bless her soul, only backed horses where the 3rd letter is R. Our parish priest here in Penguin only backs horses where the first and second names start with the same letter, ie Merlin Mustang, he swears by it, well, not swears, you know what I mean, anyway last Saturday I decided to have a fun day and back them.
Circle of Power $30.80, Merlin Mustang $7.40,Miracles of Life, Tariana, Garozzo, Carry Me Bluey, plus heaps of places and other winners at the country meetings.
I just backed them all a $5ew, don’t know if that was right or if I should only have backed them if there was one in the race, what a right little earner and lots of fun, every time one won I had a big laugh, although Circle of Power was one of my better rides.
For someone who could not be bothered with systems, doing the form etc its organised chaos and heaps of plain old fun.
Thanks for sharing it with us……love your site the most fair dunkum on the web, keep up the good work and have a safe and happy 2013.
(Ed: Thanks for the letter (and laugh) – I should warn you that my grandmother died a pauper – had a lot of fun along the way though! She lived in a poor suburb of Brisbane called Cribb Island (now all taken over by Brisbane airport) and she used to sit in her kitchen looking out over Moreton Bay watching the tide come in and out, drinking Bulimba beer and listening to Vince Curry and Ken Noud on the radio – that’s where all my school holidays were spent. She also taught me how to play euchre, poker and do the drawback on Craven A cork tipped cigarettes – the ones with the lucky black cat inside the lid. Now THAT was one hell of a nanna!)

From Shane 28.8.12 (Apprentices) ………..Just a quick FYI regarding claiming apprentices (CA). In your system “The Grail”, detailed on your Whole Box and Dice CD, you noted (as a chaos factor) CA on favourites. I regularly audit the Champion Picks web-site and noticed a recent blog-article that I thought might interest you. David Duffield (CEO), a respected racing professional, surveyed the results of Metropolitan’ favourites for the past two seasons and found that CA lose 10% on turnover, with all other jockeys losing 2% on turnover. This certainly supports your thesis, Peter. A thesis that I have also strongly believed, after many years of reviewing Saturday results.
(Ed: Don’t know David but obviously a man of great intellect………:-)………Yes it is clear cut to my mind – as I often ask people: if you want to build a house do you get a fully qualified tradesman to do it? And how do you feel if you visit the site and the only ones working on the house are apprentices and the tradesman isn’t there? Interestingly one thing I have observed is that if the apprentice is starting from barrier 1 or 2 they do much better (probably because the number of decisions decreases) – just to complicate the issue a little more – AND if they are drawn in the OUTSIDE two barriers they do better (probably because their boss just tells them to “jump out and get as close to the lead as you can” so the horse is allowed to run and doesn’t get held up midfield and increase the number of mid race decisions they have to make…….I think it is where they are drawn in the middle of the field that all the trouble starts……just an observation)

From David 13.7.12 (Stuff)………I’m a fledgling professional punter. I’ve worked on systems for quite a while, and I’ve recently started committing money to my favourite. Three months in it’s looking very good. I read your article on stress, and I totally agree with you, especially the part about meditation. I almost always meditate before betting.
I have seen how becoming stressed loses me money.
(Ed: Good on you David. The stress factor is very often overlooked when it comes to rational decision making but when you write about stuff like meditation people generally think you’re off with the fairies and a “loopy”. Have a stress free weekend!)

From Anthony 14.6.11 (The Grail)………..concept is excellent and obviously well researched……..how long does it take you to research these things?
(Ed: A long time – my wife will tell you “forever”!!)

From Mark (ratings) 15.2.10……..I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you adding prices to your ratings. I have been using your ratings for about 6 months now and have purchased a number of your systems including your self rate software. I have always been impressed with your service and professionalism…… I find your site to be absolutely wonderful. Full of great information and your personal observations I find to be very refreshing. I have been punting on and off for about 30 years (since 15), I worked in the racing industry as xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for about 7 years for racing nsw, so I have seen a number of sides of the industry. I now own a number of businesses and investments and I am so pleased to hear your views on money and how people need to view their punting activities and the caution they need to take……. Since finding your site and considering your punting philosophy I have found my own punting to be lifted to a whole new level. Certainly in profit but also in my whole approach…… The price guide you have added was for me the missing link as I am a bit obsessed about value. I am using it as a broad guide and tweak it to suit myself, depending on scratchings and my own opinion of the form of horses not in your top 4. The results of your ratings continue to be impressive and this price guide for me has been excellent in crafting a more coherent strategy linked to value, Saturday just being an outstanding day for example. I am also a believer in karma and I just wanted to let you know that your work has many positive effects outside of the passing on of punting information. Please keep up the good work, your time and effort is very much appreciated
(Ed: You will never know how much your kind thoughts are appreciated – seriously! I sit here day after day on this computer, occasionally looking out the window to my magnificent back yard and garden which I love to death, and write this stuff which is based on my own experiences and lessons hard learned. (As a matter of fact as I write this there is a big kookaburra sitting on branch of the tree right outside the window – close enough for me to reach out and touch if the window was open – and it is just staring at me – knowingly! Very un-nerving!) Occasionally I think “I wonder if anyone is reading this stuff or am I just kidding myself that it is actually worthwhile doing?” I guess we all have self doubts – I know I do! I make a modest profit from my punting activities for which I am very grateful and enjoy. I would like to think that passing on the knowledge I have obtained from over 50 years of doing this (the first 40 were not profitable I might add – lol) does actually help others to get into the black. If it works for you I am very happy. Thanks again for the kind words.)

The best advice I can give anyone in relation to gambling on horse racing is this – if it stops being fun – walk away.


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